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Some of the young people we help are 'Stateless' which means they have no country to call home.
They have come to the UK, with adult refugees who then simply abandon them and they simply fall through the cracks in the system. Added to this are kids from difficult family backgrounds, kicked out of home, dropped out of social care and the ever increasing problem of gang culture.

We have been providing frontline services since 2005 to the following:

Metropolitan Police (who come against young people that are uncooperative), probation, prisons, social services, schools, YOT, local councils.
We also offer support to young people who are homeless, facing legal proceedings or immigration related issues.


Our new office is still on Peckham High Street, next to the Police Station.

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Recent Events

Raising Funds

One Stop Centres

We are raising funds to build a one stop centre so that young people have a place to go and expand their goals in life.

This event now February 28th!
To read more please go to the Events page.

Donate Now

We have a Just Giving account from which all donations come directly to us.
To donate via Just Giving Click Here

Or you can post a cheque or money orders to our postal address on the contact page.

Coming Up

January. Launch of youth employment and training drive.

Million Pound Challenge, still events happening, check office for details.

Keep checking for dates, places and times.

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