To build a series of local One Stop Centres in the South East.
This will equip us to fight against the growing issues around knife/gun/gang crime in our communities.
Our aim is to build our first centre in the Borough of Southwark.

The centres will holistically house all the services needed to support the multi faceted needs of young people, their families, victims of crime and the perpetrators.
More importantly, our services will bridge the gaps created by the ongoing government cuts.

As well as much needed services for our young people, the centres will also provide much needed opportunities for employment for many people from the community.
We anticipate the opportunities to include the full range of construction related jobs in the initial planning and building of the centre.
Once opened the centre will provide employment opportunities for professional & support staff.
It will also give young people the chance to get involved in apprenticeships like Brick laying, Building Construction, Plastering, Electric insulation, Carpentry, Painting and Decorating, window glaze and Interior Designing.

If you have any questions about us or donating, please contact us.
Thank You for your support.

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